January 29, 2023 13:00

Used machines in 2023 - A look into the future


The market for used machines has grown steadily in recent years and it can be assumed that this trend will continue in the coming years. An important factor for the positive development of the market is the increasing demand for used machines from emerging and developing countries. These countries are increasingly investing in modern industrial production and therefore need inexpensive yet powerful machines.

Another important factor is the increasing sustainability in production. More and more companies rely on the use of used machines to improve their environmental balance. As a rule, used machines have already completed part of their service life and, thanks to resource conservation, do not contribute as much to the pollution of the environment as new machines. Conservation refers to the raw materials and energy required to manufacture a new machine.

The economic situation also plays a role in the development of the used machinery market. In economically difficult times, many companies are forced to reduce their expenses and therefore increasingly rely on used machines. In this way, they can maintain their production without having to make large investments.

The increasing digitization in production also favors the market development for used machines. More and more companies rely on the use of digital technologies such as industrial automation, data analysis and machine learning. This increases the demand for modern used machines that can be equipped with these technologies. Keyword: Retrofit.

The supply of used machines will also increase in the coming years. More and more companies are choosing to sell their old machines to make room for newer and more powerful models. This leads to a larger selection of used machines on the market and makes it easier for interested parties to find the right machine for them.

An important trend will also be the increasing availability of information about used machines. More and more suppliers of used machines are offering detailed information and technical data on their products to make it easier for potential buyers to make a decision. This information can be viewed online, making it easier to find suitable machines and speeding up the buying process.

Another trend will be the increasing demand for used machines for the production of renewable energies. In particular, the production of solar panels and wind turbines requires special machines that are often only available second-hand. Therefore, the demand for these machines is likely to increase in the coming years.

However, a possible problem for the used machinery market could be the lack of availability of spare parts. Older machines in particular can have difficulties in obtaining spare parts, making maintenance and repair difficult and increasing operating costs.

In summary, the market for used machines will continue to grow in the coming years. This is driven by demand from emerging and developing countries, increasing sustainability in production, the economic situation and increasing digitization in production. A larger selection of used machines and the increasing availability of information about these machines will make the search and buying process easier. However, a possible challenge could be the lack of availability of spare parts.

In special machine construction, used machines, mostly even of conventional design, are sought after simply because of their machine bed. Often found on older machines, the cast-iron beds or stands make an excellent base for precision machinery, as cast iron is particularly vibration-dampening.

The body parts that are no longer used on such machines then end up on the spare parts market and thus ensure the continued existence of other machine tools.

With the introduction of the new used machine platform tramao, we are aiming to build up a comprehensive range of spare parts that is available worldwide in the coming years. This should enable older machines in particular to benefit from this option in order to overcome the problem of the lack of spare parts in the past. We believe that wider availability of spare parts will greatly improve the lifespan and efficiency of these older machines, contributing to more sustainable and efficient production. We are certain that our platform will make an important contribution to making the industry more sustainable and efficient.

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