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So the „new“ used machine does not become a problem case – tips and information for the purchase


Used machines are becoming increasingly important for companies. They are quickly available and, for example, very well suited for immediate use in case of production bottlenecks.
Often they can keep up with new machines in terms of quality. Modernized used machines or retrofit machines are particulary interesting for the buyer.
Whether lathes, drills, machining centers, milling machines, presses, saws or grinding machines, on you will find your suitable used machine.

Nevertheless, the purchase of a used machine is an aquisition that should be considered carefully, because even a used machine is often not a small investment. As often in life, a certain caution is required.

We would like to give you some important tips and information on this topic.

The following points should be considered when buying a used machine.

-Does the company really exist?
-Does the dealer have a website with a correct imprint?
-Is the dealer available by phone, maybe even by a landline number?
-Where does the dealer have his location?
-Is the price of the machine adequate?
-Can i inspect the machine, preferably under power?
-Are there credible dealer reviews?

Attention to cheap offers, question them. Why is the used machine offered so cheaply. Keep in mind that deposit is not uncommon in the branch. You should refrain from deposit, if you are unsure whether you can trust the dealer. It is important that you do not make deposit on a foreign account, if you not have inspect the used machine before. In the same way, you should refrain from prepayment, especially abroad. Better use an escrow account if you are unsure. Then money is only released for the seller if you are satisfied with the good. If you should have been scammed on tramao, please contact us as soon as possible. We will lock the dealer on our marketplace immediately.

But even legal and security-related aspects should not be disregarded when buying a used machine, especially the older ones.

For example, chains or freewheeling tools should be safely protected. The machine should have safeguards against falling or ejected parts, emergency stop switches should be in immediate proximity. Is there protection against direct or indirect contact with electricity? Have original parts been replaced or improper repairs or modifications made to the machine? There is a risk of loss of conformity if the used machine has changed significantly. What about spare parts procurement for older used machines? Is a nameplate attached, does an operating manual exist? Does the used machine have a CE mark according to the machinery directive established in 1995? Does the corresponding declaration of conformity exist? This declaration can be integrated into the operating instructions or be a seperate document. If you pay attention to these points, nothing should go wrong when purchasing a used machine.

We wish you a sucessful search and find on

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