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Modern Slitting - company presentation SALICO


Salico S.p.A. is celebrating its 40th anniversary since was established back in year 1978; nowadays, Salico is a group of 8 Companies located in 4 different Countries headquartered in Molteno – ITALY as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Coil Process and Finishing Lines. Engineering, services and production details appear to the reader in an impressive array at browsing the relevant website


The Salico Group of Companies is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing, putting into operation and servicing Lines and Equipment commonly used in Coil Service Center and Steel Making or Aluminium Plant; the present article is particularly about Salico Slit Strand Tensioning Bridle in Slitting Lines.

When market demand is for high quality product, Salico Slit Strand Tensioning Bridle, is the best answer when the concerned upstream process is about Coil Slitting.

In slitting process, one among the issues to be covered is the “crown shape” as a typical defect given from either Hot or Cold Strip Milling: because of this, strip slitting is resulting in slit-strands of different lengths that run inside the typical Looping Pit of a Slitting Line.

The Salico Bridle is capable, as a single unit, to recover evenly the slit-strands form the Looping Pit while threading and running them to the Recoiler along with providing even-recoiling tension to rewound slit-coils.

Salico Auto-Separator Arbours are a very best complementary device in terms of operational improvement since they set free Line operator from annoying and time consuming manual Separator Arbours set up; Auto-Separator are typically fitted no. 2 on Salico Bridle plus no. 1 on Recoiler.

Salico Auto-Separator Arbours also feature Auto Centering Function of slit strands: these fall down in between separator disks by “shaking” of Separator Arbours.

Performances, Advantages and Features provided in Salico Slit Strand Tensioning Bridle can be summarized as follows:

-       Produces excellent quality in terms of tightly wound and straight slit coils build up.

-       Preserves surface quality that is of a top importance in processing exposed automotive, painted, aluminium, and stainless steel materials.

-       State of the art controls system featured with an efficient and easy to use operator interface.

-       Robust design as long lasting machine guarantee and minimum maintenance.

-       Trouble-free slit strands threading as a guarantee to maximize material throughput in Slitting Line.


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