May 14, 2021 18:00

Retrofit - used machines well equipped for the future


Retrofitting is the term used to describe the modernization or expansion of existing older machines. Retrofitting is often much more useful than replacing it with a new machine. The advantages of modernization are the increase in productivity with significantly lower costs in relation to a new acquisition. Training and tool costs can also be reduced. In terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility, modernization measures can increase energy efficiency.

When updating to Industry 4.0, retrofitting is very interesting. For example, machines can be equipped with an upgrade of the control system with sensors to record data on power consumption, operating temperatures, working hours, program data and much more. By evaluating it using software, economically important information about production processes can be obtained.

It should be noted that spare parts are available quickly in the medium to long term. On tramao you will find a constantly growing range of spare parts from the fields of electronics, electrics, hardware, hydraulics, mechanics, controls and much more.

Modernization also ensures that new spare parts are easier to obtain. When purchasing a used machine, it is always important that the machine also meets the requirements of the applicable operating regulations and the machinery directive.

Retrofit is definitely a right and important step towards Industry 4.0. On tramao you will find experts who will support you with the question of retrofitting or new acquisitions. Get an overview in our service area.

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