May 25, 2021 16:15

TutorOn - employees are trained online

Everything is new in May, time for us to present a new service company on tramao, the Weißenthurm start-up TutorOn.

TutorOn gives companies the opportunity to offer training, instructions and webinars online securely on its platform. The topic of online training is becoming increasingly important, especially in the contactless Corona times. Individual training documents can be quickly downloaded to the cloud in PDF form or as Powerpoint presentations on the TutorOn platform.
The documents are then available online for all seminar participants.
The creation and administration of the webinars is clearly structured and can be carried out easily by the user. A clear advantage of TutorOn. Documents can be used, approved and edited again and again. Texts, pictures and films can be inserted.

One advantage of TutorOn is that each user can set their own schedule for the planned training, as the tasks can also be processed on their own computer, independently of a training group. Training, webinars and workshops can be easily implemented for companies with TutorOn. Interested parties can find a demo version on the company's website ( to get a comprehensive picture of the company's performance.

Thumbs Up for TutorOn!

Contact details:

TutorOn Löhr & Zinke GbR
56575 Weißenthurm

Telefon: 0 26 36/9 44 99 66

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