June 12, 2021 00:00

Successful commissioning of automotive cutting lines at Profilglass (Part 1)


Following the impressive growth path of our all-time customer PROFILGLASS, Salico has recently delivered and started up two very impressive Cutting Lines along with a Tension Levelling & Cleaning Line for applications in the automotive and aerospace sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic did not hinder the teams from concluding the project quickly, efficiently and successfully.


Combi Levelling and Slitting Line

The Combi-line – so called because of its ability to combine Decoiling, Levelling, Slitting and Recoiling – is designed to process a wide range of aluminium coils of up to:

  • - 25 tons with a maximum outer diameter of 2,500 mm.
  • - Strips with a width of up to 2,500 mm, ranging 0.5 to 5.0 mm in thickness.
  • - A Maximum Slitting Capacity of 35 slits at a line speed of 400 m/min.


Strip Levelling is performed using a Leveller which features a 6-high Cassette design.


Since Slit Shearing is carried out using slitting tools, every time a different tool is needed, the change is carried out automatically with the Auto Slitting Tooling Changeover, which takes just five minutes. Slitting Tools are secured in position by an Auto Locking mechanism designed by Salico. The unit is completed with a Scrap Chopper and Conveyor.


The Auto Slitting Tooling Changeover is complemented by the Robotized Slitting Tooling Setup, featuring the Salico proprietary robotic system.


The Salico Bridle is the perfect complement to the Recoiling area and guarantees a totally scratch-free surface even for most sensitive processed materials. Adjustments to the separator discs is done in totally automatically via a robotic Salico system.


Electrical Cubicles, engineered and manufactured by Salico Automation, are fitted into dedicated climatised containers, which come with office space and pedestrian & maintenance access doors, installed five metres above floor level, saving space in the rear of the Line.

PVC Foil Application is provided upstream to the Slitting Shear and Paper Foil application in the Recoiling area.


The line ends with an Exit Coil Turnstile equipped with high-efficiency Circumferential Strapping Facility, designed by Salico, which allows for the maximum run uptime of the Line.

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