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You're in safe hands with us if you're looking for good, quickly available pre-owned metalworking machinery. Looking to sell machinery in a manner that is quick, simple and cost-efficient? Tramao is here for you anytime.

Used machinery is becoming increasingly important for businesses. The machinery is quickly available and perfectly suited for immediate use in a production-bottleneck situation, for example. The machinery can often go toe to toe with new machines in terms of quality, this is where outdated and updated pre-owned machinery or retrofit machinery is of particular interest to buyers. Further advantages of acquiring used machinery are lower expenditure levels and short delivery times. A great deal of used machinery can also score points in terms of sustainability since existing machinery can continue being put to use today in a manner that is both efficient and economical.

Be it turning machinery, drilling equipment, machining centres, milling machines, presses, saws, or grinding machinery, find the right used machinery for you on

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What would the purchase of a pre-owned machine be without appropriate service and support
Pre-owned machinery and service go hand in hand. We want to be the solution to your problem; you should find speedy and straightforward help and support with us.

It's happened before, and it'll happen again: production is at full capacity, the machinery suddenly sustains damage, and an important spare part can't be located, the machinery grinds to a halt...
We at tramao want to get you assistance as soon as possible in precisely these situations. An intuitive search feature allows you to locate the service companies that suit you. We'd like to be your first port of call if you're looking for machinery service (repair, maintenance, care, servicing, retrofitting, programming, data protection, spare part procurement, technical documentation, occupational safety, transportation and rental).

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Retrofitting Spare part sourcing Maintenence

What`s the use of pre-owned machinery support without tools and spare parts
Using the internet to locate suitable replacement parts for used metalworking machinery, let alone entire production lines, in a quick and simple manner remains no easy task. With our own database for tools (e.g. drills, threading tools ,reamers, milling cutters, lathe chucks, clamp jaws, tool holders, etc.) and replacement parts (e.g. CNC controls, motors, spindles, limit switches, replacement screens, control units, encoders, etc.), we'd like to simplify the search for the machinery user.

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Operating equipment Spare parts Tools

Information for dealers and service providers
Information on used machinery, tool and replacement part dealers

Our benefits for you:

We want to be a fair and reliable partner, transparency and price stability in our rates are thus a high priority. Continuously open communication between us constitutes the bedrock for successful, joint business. We see ourselves not as a faceless online platform, but as a partner.

tools and
spare parts
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We would like to present your company on tramao in the best possible way, putting your offers and ads in the focus of interested parties. You, the dealer, are the focus. There are no unnecessary ad overlays in either your company profile or your machinery ad.

Our future rates for dealers

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Why you matter!

You, as a service provider, play an important role in keeping production going. Wherever pre-owned machinery is sold, service and support should follow.
Offer your services on a long-term basis free of charge on tramao. If you would like to offer your service as either a company or freelancer for repairs, maintenance, servicing, retrofitting, spare parts procurement, occupational safety etc., then register today. Expand your customer base, receive the right inquiries, and discover new business opportunities.

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Why tramao?
We founded tramao based on the conviction that acquiring used machinery and service should go hand in hand. Comprehensive service which helps you not only purchase machinery with machinery testing, financing, insurance, transportation, and installation, but which is also accompanied by future maintenance, service and spare parts. We want to go far with tramao and develop meaningful service features in the future. That's why it's important for us to have a large number of service providers register on our platform. We host these businesses on a long-term basis free of charge on tramao.

With tramao, we want to enable all machinery users to quickly locate the right individual for their needs in just a few clicks.

User-friendliness is also another focus for us. We focus on having a clear design and have thus made our marketplace clear and simple. We place great import on accurate search results, e.g. machinery search results should not be mixed alongside spare parts. That's why tramao has three databases, one for machines, one for service and another for spare parts, tools, resources etc.
We want to create meaningful connections between dealers, buyers and service companies which is founded on a bedrock of trust, transparency and appreciation. Following our vision to bring machinery manufacturers, dealers and users, as well as service companies and tool suppliers together in a way that is both fair and transparent to ensure the long-term economic success of all parties involved is the path we would like to take.

Come with us!

Who we are...
We are Björn, Christian and Martin, combined we possess over 80 years of professional experience in metalworking, machinery distribution, engineering and programming. Based on our experience, we were eager to change once again and would like to use tramao to break new ground in pre-owned asset distribution. It's time to take a chance and try something new.

Questions and proposals
We started with tramao in August 2019 and are open to constructive criticism or proposals for improvements. We'd like to talk to you and find out what - you do and do not like.

Send your wishes, proposals and criticism to

Together with you, we want to create a fantastic, simple platform for pre-owned machinery, service, spare parts and service.

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