MECAL SW453 Reverse Garda 3

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SW453 Reverse Garda 3


This Mecal SW453 Reverse Garda 3 Miter Saw machine was manufactured in the year 2001. It is equipped with a MECAL 9001 control unit. The machine has a Saw motor of 2800 rpm.
Control Unit
Brand: MECAL
Model: 9001

Machine Benefits
Technical Machine Benefits:
- Double miter saw mecal sw453
- Type reverse garda 3
- Max. Cutting length between the saw heads: 5 m
- Double miter saw with movable right head by means of a programmable dc servo motor over a rack and pinion. The tilting of the saw heads is servo-controlled
- Servo-controlled tilting (tilting) of the cutting heads of each head from 22. 5° outward to 45° inward
- Including 2 saw blades: 500 mm
- Motor 2800 rpm
- 380-400v
- 2. 2kw
- Equipped with an industrial pc, type ec 9001

Qualitative Machine Benefits:
- Hydropneumatic linear saw feed
- Equipped with adjustable end stop for the stroke length
- The saw comes from the back to the front
- Standard incl. Mist lubrication (suction, water-based coolant)
- Incl. 2 vertical clamps adjustable in height from above. The clamps have a pneumatic stroke in the transverse direction to prevent the saw from cutting into the clamp.
- Incl. 2 fixed horizontal clamps inside, adjustable in height / depth
- Equipped with pneumatic protective covers around the cutting zone
- Incl. 2 hm saw blades: tct Ø 500mm x 30 x 120tds
- In accordance with ce guidelines, supplied with assembly keys and instruction book
- Minimum cutting length between the saw heads, with straight cutting: 300 mm -the control is suitable for connection to the network.





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