CNC-bearbejdningscentre – Bearbeitungszentren (horizontal): HELLER MC 16

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MC 16


This Heller MC 16 Horizontal Machining center was made in 2002 in Germany. It is equipped with a Siemens 840 PL (Power Line) control unit and has 4 axis. The machine has a spindle speed of 45 – 12000 rpm.
Control Unit
Brand: Siemens
Model: 840 PL (Power Line)

Main drive
Spindle speed range: 45 – 12000
Spindle motor power: 40 Kw
Number of axis: 4

X-AXIS Movement: 630 mm
Y-AXIS Movement: 630 mm
Z-AXIS Movement: 630 mm

Workpiece drm over bed: 720 mm
Workpiece drm over support: 800 mm
Workpiece weight: 500 kg

Outer length: 400 mm
Outer width: 500 mm

Max tool diameter: 72 / 140 mm
Max tool length: 320 x 12 mm
Type of tool holder: HSK 63

Main electronic connection: 400 V / 50 Hz
Chip conveyor: Yes

Machine Benefits
Technical Machine Benefits:
- Pallet changing time 8 sec.
- Pallet changer with divider splash guard for mounting the work pieces during the machining process onto the outside pallet, which can be turned manually 4 x 90°. Machine was interlinked with a schuller pallet storage system (10 pallets + 2 in machine) and has got no safety door in front of the machine
- Nc rotary table b axis indexing 360,000 x 0. 001 °
- Feed force 10000 nm
- Feeds / quick feeds xyz 1 – 60,000 mm / min
- B axis speed 25 rpm / min
- Separate standing 160 position rack-type tool magazine with tool placement door and double swivel gripper, own siemens pc-control with screen tool administration system
- Tool brakeage control
- Renishaw measuring probe head for workpiece
- Large coolant preparation unit knoll model ae 1110 with turbo filter and high pressure pump 6,3 kw model kts 25 for internal coolant supply thru the spindle built in mobile knoll

Qualitative Machine Benefits:
- Separate cooling aggregates for the motor spindle and for coolant agent.





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