Jacob Bek GmbH, subsidiary of thyssenkrupp, chooses Salico to supply Multiblanking Line

Jacob Bek GmbH in Ulm, Germany, a long-established company with 190 years history being nowadays part of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, has awarded Salico ordering for a high technological Multiblanking Line.

The Line is designed to mainly process galvanized, pre-painted along with other high end quality steels which, as a common feature, present extreme delicate surfaces needed to serve manufacturing of household application products ranking top level brands.

Coming to specific technical data, the Line will process steel strip 1650 mm wide. To perform Levelling in the extensive thickness range from 0,9 – 5,0 mm (Ed. in the maximum extent of thickness, material is hot rolled pickled steel), the Levelling Machine is equipped with three different so-called Roller Levelling Cassettes each one featuring peculiar Working Rollers diameters and relative pitches dedicated to perform levelling of steel strip within of properly assigned thickness ranges; Cassette changeover is full auto.

Coils weight presented at entry of the Line is 30 tons. Magnetic Stacker perform nonstop stacking (Ed. the Line runs nonstop the entire coil) for sheet length up to maximum 3000 mm; stacking with stopping the Line is for sheet length over 3000 mm up maximum 6000 mm. Sheet stacking is possible either “naked” or with pallet.

The Line is rather complete featuring, just to mention a few functions yet not limited to, Pinch Rolls specially designed to ease functional maintenance, Strip Inspection Area of both upper and lower strip surfaces, and more importantly as core of the process, a CNC Slitting Shear to carry out strip edge trimming along with necessary multiple slitting. Edge trimming is completed with Scrap Chopper for the best handling of the scrap edges trimmed from the strip.

As said beforehand, the Stacker is of Magnetic type, capable to receive at speed, stop and drop either single or multiple sheets (Ed. this representing the "zero inertia stacking principle" introduced to the market by Salico back in year 1990) cut to precise length with Salico Rotary Shear: first made in 1986, the Salico Rotary Shear is still representing unbeatable about performances and references among the over 250 Rotary Shears delivered to customers. The Stacker is complete with Auto Pallet Magazine and Pallet Loader on Stacking Platforms. The logistic downstream to Stacker is complete with siding Roller / Chain Conveyors to align multiple sheet packs changing from one pack sided to the other to one pack in line with subsequent one.

The design of the Multiblanking Line unique by Salico in comparison to what offered by other OEMs, has allowed to lay out the Line within the limited length of 40 m with great benefit of limiting the foundation works. Also, in dialogue with the customer, the Line is designed to accept further developments to respond the needs of the future.

Salico is thankful for the trust Jacob Bek posed in our firm as well as we are delighted of the excellent cooperation we have established with them since the early beginning of managing this project.

The Line is due to be put in production April 2022.
Salico SpA

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