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Mini excavator Kubota KX91-3-built in 2008-only 3500h
Date built: 2008
Condition: Very good
Mini excavator Kubota KX91-3-built in 2008-only 3500h
Ad ID: M89675
85368 Moosburg Germany
Kubota Minibagger KX91-3 alpha 2. Der kraftvolle Minibagger mit einem Baujahr von 2008 hat ein Einsatzgewicht von ca. 3250kg, einen hydraulischen Schnellwechsler, zwei Fahrgeschwindigkeiten, eine ...
€ 20.950,-

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Mini Excavator - Small but multifunctional

When it comes to carrying out construction projects in a small space, mini excavators are an excellent choice. These very compact machines are ideal for a variety of jobs from digging foundations and utility trenches to demolishing smaller structures. The mini excavators are not to be confused with the compact excavators. Compact excavators represent a size that lies between mini excavators and chain or crawler excavators. Compact excavators are also available as wheeled or wheeled excavators.

What is a mini excavator?

Functionally, the mini excavator is a hydraulic excavator. A mini excavator is a small, compact excavator specifically designed to work in tight spaces. These machines usually have a wheelbase of less than a meter and are equipped with a hydraulic arm that can accommodate various attachments such as grippers, buckets, hydraulic hammers or earth drills. As with leveling equipment, many mini excavators are also equipped with leveling blades (graders).

Mini excavators are typically self-driven and can move easily over rough terrain, making them ideal for job sites where space is limited.

Advantages of mini excavators

There are a number of advantages that mini excavators have over bigger excavators. One of the most obvious advantages is their size, meaning they are easier to maneuver and can work in tight spaces. Mini excavators have this maneuverability primarily through their chassis (crawler chassis). The chassis is usually a crawler chassis, as a crawler excavator. This makes them ideal for jobsites in densely built-up urban areas or on narrow properties and lanes. Mini excavators can turn on the spot.

Another advantage of mini excavators is their versatility. With a variety of attachments available for these machines, they can be used for a variety of tasks from digging trenches to landscaping. Most mini excavators can also be equipped with a rubber track on the crawler undercarriage. This is more surface-friendly for solid surfaces.

Another important advantage of mini excavators is their economy. Because they are smaller and lighter than larger excavators, they use less fuel and have lower maintenance costs. They're also easier to transport, meaning you can quickly move from one job site to the next if needed. However, they have to be trailered.

Applications of mini excavators

Mini excavators can be used for a variety of tasks. These can be the following functions:

• Digging trenches for pipes or foundations

• Landscaping

• Demolition of smaller structures

• Laying of pipes

• Removal of stumps and roots

• Planning small areas

• Picking up debris and other materials

How to choose a mini excavator

If you're looking to rent or buy a mini excavator for your next job site, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right mini excavator:

• Size and Weight: Make sure the mini excavator is small enough to maneuver around your job site, but big enough to do the job it's needed for. The weight is also important when choosing the means of transport for the mini excavator.

• Attachments: Make sure the mini excavator is equipped with the necessary attachments to do the job it's needed for. Also check the compatibility of the attachments to make sure they are compatible with the mini excavator.

• Availability: Make sure the mini excavator is available when you need it. Also check the delivery and transport terms to ensure the mini excavator is delivered on time and in good condition.

• Cost: Make sure the mini excavator is priced reasonably and within your budget. Compare prices and services from different providers to find the best deal.

• Experience and maintenance: Check the supplier's experience and qualifications to ensure you have a reliable and competent partner for your job site. Also ask about the maintenance protocols and procedures to ensure the mini excavator is in good working order and safe to use.


Mini excavators are an excellent choice for job sites with limited space. They are small, light and versatile. If you need a mini excavator for your next job site, make sure you consider the size, weight, attachments, availability, cost, experience, and maintenance factors. By looking at these factors, you can ensure you are finding the right mini excavator for your projects and that you can work safely and effectively.