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Vibrating plate 600 mm
Date built: 1997
Condition: Used
Vibrating plate 600 mm
Ad ID: M86117
46324 Borken Germany
Rüttelplatte Dynapac LG 300

Diesel, Einsatzgewicht 290 kg
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Category: Compactors -> Vibrating plates
Special Machine BOMAG BPR50 / 52D
Condition: Used
Special Machine BOMAG BPR50 / 52D
Ad ID: M29101
Eislingen Germany
output:5,8 kw
weight:485 kg
dimensions of the machine ca.:0,9 x 0,6 x 1,4 m
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Plate Shakers - Good vibration

Plate compactors are one of the important machines in construction. They are used to compact the ground before constructing driveways, paths, squares, foundations and buildings. Plate compactors come in a variety of sizes, weights, and power levels. We will dive deeper into vibratory plates including their features, applications, benefits and important factors to consider when choosing the right vibratory plate.

Other names for Plate shakers are vibrating plates, plate compactors or vibrating rammers.

Features of vibratory plates

Plate compactors are used to compact soil by creating vibrations. They are usually equipped with an internal combustion engine or an electric motor that generates the vibrating force via an eccentric or lever. The plate of the vibratory plate is placed on the ground and vibrates at a high frequency to compact the soil. It is important that the frequency of the vibratory plate is adapted to the type of material to be compacted and the required density. There are also vibratory plates that are additionally equipped with a stamping foot that achieves higher compaction. However, it is more effective to use separate machines, pounding in the depths and shaking on the surface.

In addition to the vibration, the high weight of the vibratory plate also plays an important role in compacting the soil.

Unbalanced circular shafts also ensure the propulsion of the vibrating plates. If two eccentric exciter shafts are installed, the plate can run backwards and forwards. A third exciter shaft generates the vibration for soil compaction.

Applications of vibratory plates

Plate compactors are used in many areas, including:

• Path construction: Compactor plates are used to compact the soil before constructing paths or squares. They are particularly useful for the construction of smaller projects where the use of compacting road rollers does not make sense or where space does not allow otherwise.

• Foundation construction: Plate compactors are also used to compact the soil prior to the construction of building foundations. A compacted layer of soil beneath the foundation and floor slab is the basis of any building.

• Gardening and Landscaping: Plate compactors are also used in gardening and landscaping work for compaction such as sidewalks, patios and driveways.

Advantages of vibratory plates

• Efficiency: Plate compactors are very efficient and can compact areas in a short time. They can also be used in tight areas that are difficult for other machines to access.

• Low Vibration: Modern plate compactors are typically equipped with shock absorbers that reduce vibration and create a quieter working environment.

• Easy to Use: Plate compactors are typically easy to use and require minimal training.

• Control: Modern vibratory plates have a compaction control that gives the operator feedback on the state of soil compaction. This is done by measuring the reflection of the vibration emanating from the vibrating plate

• Versatility: Plate compactors come in a variety of sizes and weights to meet the needs of different construction projects.

• Transport: Due to their small dimensions, vibratory plates are easy to transport.

Factors when choosing vibratory plates

• Size and Weight: The size and weight of the vibratory plate depends on the size of the project. Larger projects usually require larger vibratory plates with more power.

• Engine: Plate compactors can be powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. Versions with hydraulic motors are also known. If you plan to use a vibratory plate indoors, an electric motor might be a better choice as it is quieter and has lower emissions.

• Vibration Frequency: Vibration frequency is an important factor when choosing a vibratory plate. A higher frequency results in higher compression, but it is also more expensive and requires more maintenance.

• Shock absorbers: Plate compactors should be equipped with shock absorbers to reduce vibration and create a quieter working environment.

• Transport: Consider how easy it is to transport the plate compactor to and from the job site. Smaller, lighter vibratory plates are easier to transport, but for larger projects you may need a larger vibratory plate that is heavier.

• Cost: The price of a vibratory plate can vary depending on size, weight and performance. Consider your budget for buying or renting a vibratory plate and choose an option that suits your needs.


In summary, a plate compactor is an important machine in construction, used for compacting soil in preparation for construction. When choosing a vibratory plate, you should consider factors such as size and weight, motor, vibration frequency, shock absorbers, transportation and cost. Careful selection of the right vibratory plate can help you save time and money and ensure your construction project is a success.