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working platform Genie Scherenarbeitsbuehne GS 3246
Date built: 2005
Condition: Used
working platform Genie Scherenarbeitsbuehne GS 3246
Ad ID: M81786
49779 Niederlangen Germany
weight max. in kg 317 kg
dimensions Gesamt 2440 x 1180 x 2360 mm
weight 2790 kg
work height max. 12000 mm
Kind of drive elektro
weight max. in kg 317 kg
dimensions ...
Price on request
Category: Platforms -> Working platforms
working platform GENKINGER EGVL 1044
Condition: Used
working platform GENKINGER EGVL 1044
Ad ID: M28954
Eislingen Hauptlager Germany
weight max. in kg:1000 kg
dimensions:610 x 380 mm
fork length:600 mm
battery:24 V
4400 mm
3800 mm
dimensions of the machine ca.:1,80 x 0,85 x 2,85 ...
Price on request
Category: Platforms -> Working platforms
working platform EIFEL TB2A276
Condition: Used
working platform EIFEL TB2A276
Ad ID: M28978
Eislingen Hauptlager Germany
weight max. in kg:250 kg
dimensions:750 x 1400 mm
weight:1850 kg
stroke:6000 mm
total power requirement:4 kW
dimensions of the machine ca.:1,63 x 1,50 x ...
Price on request

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Work platforms – Up high

Working platforms are an indispensable tool on construction sites and in industrial companies, primarily for repair and maintenance work. They enable safe working at small and large heights. Working becomes more effective because, depending on the design of the work platform, tools and spare parts can be taken up directly on the platform. It is also possible for more than one person to enter the work platform at the same time, as long as the permissible load on the platform allows it and space is available.

Working platforms are an alternative to scaffolding when it comes to short and short-term use.

There are a variety of working platforms on the market including scissor lifts, boom lifts and articulated boom lifts. Another categorization is that there are stationary and mobile work platforms.

Fixed stages and platforms

The simplest form of work platform is a platform with a fixed height, which must be accessed via a ladder. This simple and inexpensive type of platform is preferably used when the work always takes place at a constant height and no heavy tools and spare parts have to be transported upstairs. The fixed platforms are usually equipped with rollers. In the working position, the rollers must be blocked.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are one of the most popular and widely used types of aerial work platforms on construction sites and in industrial companies. They have a platform supported by a series of scissor arms that open like scissors when raised and fold back together when lowered. Scissor lifts provide a stable platform that allows workers to work safely. They are also usually electrically or hydraulically operated. The disadvantage of scissor lifts is that the direction of movement is purely vertical unless the aerial platform is mobile. The advantage of this is that the basket is always vertically above the standing area. The tilting moment is low.

Telescopic platforms (elevating platforms)

Telescopic boom lifts are another popular type of aerial work platform. They have an arm that will extend for working to get to the higher areas. Telescopic platforms are versatile because the range is greater and more universal by moving or turning sideways. They can be maneuvered in tight spaces and are ideal for indoor work. Due to the possible lateral offset of the working cage to the standing area, it may be necessary to extend the outriggers of the working platform.

Articulated telescopic platforms

Articulated telescopic platforms are a combination of scissor and telescopic platforms. They have an extendable arm like a telescopic stage, but also a scissor mechanism that stabilizes the platform, i.e. keeps it in horizontal level. Articulated telescopic platforms are very versatile and are very similar to telescopic platforms in terms of possible uses.


What should you consider when choosing a work platform?

When choosing an aerial work platform, there are a few factors that should be considered. Here are some important considerations:

• Height: Make sure the work platform can reach the required height to do the job it is needed for. Also, check the platform's load capacity to make sure it can support the weight required for your specific job.

• Reachable space: Make sure the working platform has the required reach to do the job it is needed for. Also check the maneuverability of the stage to ensure it can be maneuvered in the required area of space. Check whether you need a platform for the work where the work basket is also required outside the tipping edge. Another point that affects the range is the drivability of the work platform. There are platforms that can only be moved in the transport position without a load. That takes time. Controlling the work platform from the work basket can save a lot of time.

• Power supply: Make sure the working platform has the power required to do the job it is needed for. Also, check the type of power supply to make sure it meets the needs of your job site.

• Cost: Make sure you have a budget and look for an aerial work platform that fits your budget. However, remember that finding a boom lift that suits your needs is more important than simply choosing the cheapest option.

• Maintenance: Make sure you choose an aerial work platform that is easy to maintain and that you have access to a reliable maintenance service. Regular maintenance of your aerial work platform is important to ensure it operates safely and effectively.

• Safety: Make sure the working platform has the necessary safety equipment and safety features to ensure your employees can work safely. These include, for example, an emergency stop switch, back protection and automatic overload protection.