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tramao - the new marketplace for new and used machines!

Easily buy and sell new and used machines on tramao. You are supported with a simple, efficient and precise search and input function. The clear presentation of the offers on the used machine platform helps you to find your way around quickly. A targeted search for manufacturers and categories brings further advantages in order to find the right new or used machine. Important filter functions bring the machine search to the point. You can reach your desired search result with just a few clicks.

In addition to new and used machines, you will also find spare parts and tools on tramao. The search for spare parts and tools is clearly separated from the search for machines. This gives you clear search results without wasting time.

As a dealer, you can create a company profile in just a few minutes and start advertising your new or used machines. We are happy to help you, from advice to the free creation of a data interface to your website, we are happy to be there for you.

In general, every user of tramao, whether manufacturer, machine dealer, service provider, spare parts and tool dealer or machine user, has the opportunity to create a company profile free of charge. Depending on the scope of your information, it contains all relevant data including a link to your own homepage. The functionality of the company profile is continuously supplemented and optimized by us. With the option of posting your own company news, the company profile has recently been supplemented by another useful component.

tramao - find service!

Used machines are important, for example in order to quickly expand the machine park, change production, cushion order peaks, and increase throughput times.

A used machine must be available quickly. The service for a machine should also be available just as quickly. For the machine user, it is important to quickly find the right service provider for the defective used machine in the immediate vicinity in emergencies (machine crash, mechanical problems, electronic errors, etc.) and other problems. Because downtimes can be very expensive.

Here we would like to close the big gap with tramao and network the machine user with the right service company. A good range of services and an adequate supply of spare parts should be the basis for purchasing a good used machine.

If you are a service provider or freelancer in this area, present yourself, your services and your company permanently free of charge on tramao. Here, too, you can use our free company profile for greater reach on the Internet.

tramao - the support for all aspects of new and used machines!

With tramao, we not only want to be your first point of contact in the future in the event of problems. The aim of our machine platform is to connect everyone, the new and used machine dealers, the service companies and the tool and spare parts dealers.

Support for new and used industrial goods is another important component at tramao. In addition to a good range of used machines, machine users will find the right equipment in the categories of repair, maintenance, care, maintenance, retrofitting, programming, machine and system optimization, CAD / CAM solutions, data security, spare parts procurement, machine elements, technical documentation, occupational safety, industrial assembly, transport and rental companies.

Here, too, you can achieve the desired result with just a few clicks.

tramao advantages

tramao user advantages:

• Association of the areas of machines, service, spare parts and tools
• Clear categorization of the offer
• Easy to advertise
• Easy management of the advertisements
• Price stability in tariffs for machines, spare parts and tools
• Individual, subtle design of advertising entries
• Clear dashboard
• Continuous further development of the platform
• Daily updates of the offers

tramao services for companies:

• Free company profile including presentation of services
• Publishing your own company news on tramao
• Posting machine requests
• Set up a data interface to your website free of charge
• Expansion of the customer base by receiving suitable inquiries
• Targeted search for the right service companies
• Targeted search for the right spare parts and tool suppliers

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